The Court Jesters
Walkabout Act

​The Court Jesters are interactive walkabout characters who wear beautiful, extremely high quality, antique-style Jesters’ costumes. The costumes are hand-made and intricately detailed, perfect for walkabout performances where the performer is viewed up close, right in the midst of the audience.

One of the most versatile circus walkabouts around, The Court Jesters offer a range of skills including sprung stilts, acrobatic tumbling, acro-juggling (tumbling and juggling combined) and hula hooping.

The Court Jesters have featured at events at Hampton Court Palace, The British Museum and The Globe Theatre.

  • "Our Jester was lovely, hardworking and incredibly impressive...a very talented individual. Polite, professional. A delight!"
    Victoria - Corporate Client
  • "They were perfect for our theme!"
    Dean - Private Client
  • "I couldn't recommend the Court Jesters enough."
    Gina - Corporate Client