The Buzztones
A Cappella Ensemble

The Buzztones are a fun, young, energetic a cappella group based in London. They sing close harmony arrangements of a wide variety of music genres, featuring tunes such as ‘Titanium’ and ‘When The Doves Cry’.

They’ve performed on TV for the BBC and at the FA Cup Final, sold out their five star Edinburgh Festival Fringe show and been  finalists of the prestigious ‘View from The Shard’ singing competition.

They also have been known to get involved in flashmob wedding proposals!

  • "Nice to see an a cappella show with a bit of imagination to it and their voices blend really well."
    Naomi - Corporate Event
  • "It was great to provide something different and a bit of fun for everyone and they didn’t disappoint!”
    ERS Corporate Event
  • "Everyone loved the performance – it was wonderful."
    Anna - Private Client
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