The Blondies
Jazz Harmony Trio

From Abba to Adele, Beyonce to The Beatles, The Blondies have reimagined all your favourite songs in a brand new style. The girls sing, groove, harmonise and entertain guests at every event they’ve ever performed at!

The Blondies tailor their act to your event. Their performances have ranged from a hotel lift to BBC One. Whether you want an acoustic set or a full-blown jazz band, they can guarantee you unforgettable entertainment.

  • "I only wish I could book them for more gigs and could have had them playing for longer!"
    Rachel - Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • "I will definitely be recommending them to anyone and everyone."
    Jenna - Private Client
  • "They were extremely friendly, professional, laid back and lovely to work with."
    Dylan - Private Client
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