The Blondies
Jazz Harmony Trio

From Abba to Adele, Beyoncé to The Beatles, The Blondies have reimagined all your favourite songs in a brand new style. The girls sing, groove, harmonise and entertain guests at every event they perform at!

The Blondies tailor their act to your event. Their performances have ranged from a hotel lift to BBC One! Whether you want a light, acoustic set or a full-blown jazz band, they can guarantee you unforgettable entertainment.

  • "I only wish I could book them for more gigs and could have had them playing for longer!"
    Rachel - Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • "I will definitely be recommending them to anyone and everyone."
    Jenna - Private Client
  • "They were extremely friendly, professional, laid back and lovely to work with."
    Dylan - Private Client
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