The Acoustics
Acoustic Band

The Acoustics are a modern, dynamic band. If you’re looking for an alternative to standard function entertainment, The Acoustics bring enthusiasm, energy and excitement to your special occasion with their own arrangements – offering an innovative and unique take on popular songs.

The group formed in 2015, and since then their ever-growing reputation has seen them perform globally at prestigious hotel launches, corporate hospitality events, parties, weddings, festivals and sporting occasions.

Stylish and fashionable, whether as background music, afternoon entertainment or the highlight of your evening, The Acoustics are always a great choice to create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

This band can come as either a duo, trio or quartet.

Past clients include prestigious names such as Red Bull, DELL, Harman and JBL.

  • "They were an absolute delight and I have had nothing but positive feedback about their vocals and performance."
    Red Bull Air Race Partner Team
  • "I have and will continue to recommended to everyone."
    Carla - Private Client
  • "What can I say except wow!"
    Natalie - Private Client
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