Stereo Honey
DJ + Live Band

For an unforgettable party, Stereo Honey is the band you need!

Stereo Honey draws inspiration from the pulsating energy and glamour of 1970s nightclub culture, where clubs such as Studio 54 celebrated hedonism, rebellion, dance & avant-garde fashion.

This dynamic collective featuring five talented performers is anchored by an exceptional DJ, and fronted by two powerful female vocalists, an extraordinary trumpeter, and a high-energy percussionist.

These gifted performers deliver a repertoire that transcends decades of the best club music, with a focus on 90s and modern House, Disco, Drum & Bass, and EDM.

Masters at ensuring the dance floor is pumping throughout the night, Stereo Honey promise an unparalleled experience of the highest quality.

  • 'Stereo Honey rocked our summer office party! The band was amazing and the DJ’s set was electric. They made the night a blast!'
    Cam - Corporate Client
  • 'Truly unforgettable!'
    Louisa - Private Client
  • 'A huge thank you to the band. They had the dance floor packed for the entire evening. All of the band members were lovely and we had so many compliments from our guests.'
    Nathan - Private Client
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