Son Cubano
Cuban Band

Son Cubano bring scorching hot rhythms straight from the streets of Cuba to events all around the country.

They play authentic Cuban son – the fusion of Spanish and African rhythms that gave rise to salsa.

Son Cubano bring a contemporary edge to their music, providing a truly sensational, authentic Latin experience that is guaranteed to turn any event into a fiesta.

Performance Options
  • Son Cubano can perform as a quartet up to a 10-piece band.
Performance Time
  • 2 hours of live music.
  • "The band were great, intoxicating music and a great crowd - all of which made for a fabulous vibe."
    Cecile - Events Manager
  • "It was a really memorable gig."
    Imran - Salsa Secrets
  • "They were a big hit with our guests and we loved everything about them!"
    Kathy - Private Client
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