Singing Waiters

Our singing waiters are a surprising addition to any event. They will pose as real staff working alongside the catering team and serving you and your guests throughout the night while your guests are none the wiser. They then make an announcement and break into song, with close harmonies from these fantastic classically trained and west end performers.

Steering away from dated backing tracks they come fully equipped with an acoustic guitar and percussion in hand as well as having a repertoire that covers everything from rat pack classics to modern day hits. A perfect form of entertainment for your wedding breakfast, private party or corporate event.

  • "Hiring the singing waiters for my wedding reception was one of my best ever ideas!"
    J.D. Ealing - Private Client
  • "You said 'just trust us', we did and you did an absolutely amazing job and totally rocked our wedding!"
    Kate - Private Client
  • "Anyone considering this act - do it!"
    James - Private Client
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