Scales of the Unexpected
Comedy Vocal Harmony Trio

This amazing trio revisit pop music’s greatest ever one hit wonders and teach the secrets of literal choreography. Scales of the Unexpected pay harmonic homage to the greatest popular music of all time – Take That, Kylie, Bananarama and hundreds more – no one is safe from there melodic makeovers and powerhouse pastiche!

Scales of the Unexpected bring you their patented blend of madcap medleys and deranged dancing in an exceptionally funny and entertaining way.

  • "Scales of the Unexpected perform an action to almost suit every word they sing. The results are hilarious!"
    The Daily Telegraph
  • "Scales Of The Unexpected bought the biggest applause of the evening, justifiably so."
    Fluid London
  • "I was immensely impressed, I haven't laughed so much in quite a long time."
    Steven - Private Client
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