Hand-Balancing Acrobat

Sammy is a professional handstand artist and one of the best and most technical hand balancers in the UK. Sammy trained at The National Centre for Circus Arts (the UK’s national circus school), for three years, specialising in handstands whilst also achieving a high level of skills in acrobatics and other circus disciplines. After this, Sammy travelled to Ukraine, where he worked with some of the top hand balancers in the world to perfect his art.

His career has taken him all over the world, and he has performed in shows including ‘Batman Live: The World Tour’, ‘Traces’ by The 7 Fingers, Tony award-winning ‘Pippin: US Tour’, ‘Filament’ (Top 10 best-selling shows of Adelaide Fringe 2017) and ‘Throwback’ by Silver Lining.

As well as performing in shows such as these, Sammy performs his own solo acts across the UK. He can regularly be found performing in Disco 54 at Café de Paris – an amazing mix of cabaret and circus with an incredible upbeat disco feel.

  • "One of the rising stars of circus"
    Theatre Bubble - Private Client
  • "Sammy showed a beautiful and impressive series of hand balances."
    A Younger Theatre - Corporate Client
  • "Just WOW!"
    Sandy - Private Client
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