Sam is a professional circus performer that has toured the country, the continent and beyond with his spectacular acts.

Best know for his unique unicycle stunts Sam has an act that will fit your needs. From unicycling over a freestanding tight wire to pedalling along a line of real wine glasses, he can add an unforgettable moment to your event.

After winning the country’s biggest competition to find the UK’s best circus act in 2015 with a comedy juggling routine Sam has performed in Asia, the Middle East and at events such as Glastonbury Festival – delighting audiences with comedy acts. Book him without the unicycle and you will get the 2012 young juggling champion, bar flare artist, wire walker, clown, freestyle footballer and much more.

Sam can cater to any size event from big scale productions with audiences of thousands like the BBC arena tour ‘Mr Tumbles Circus’ to headlining Moira Canal Festival unicycling on a high wire over a canal to smaller touches such has his ambient waiter character who delivers appetisers on his unicycle.

If you need a mutli-award winning, mutli-skilled comedy or stunt circus performer. Sam is known as one of the best around.

  • "Who ever is watching him, no matter who they are, or where they’re from, they are going to be amazed."
    Billy - Private Client
  • "Sam is a FANTASTIC performer, I'd recommend him for any event."
    Emily - Event Manager
  • "He made me laugh out loud!"
    Mike - Private Client
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