Roller Skating Presents
Walkabout Characters

Two elegant and beautifully illuminated twinkling white presents skilfully glide their way through the busy crowds.

Eye catching and mesmerising, these extraordinary, authentic and delightfully vintage presents look like they have appeared from nowhere and can disappear again in a flash. They are guaranteed to light up the faces of your expectant guests with their oversized glowing bows, and love to surprise children with a pirouette and a squeal of excitement.

Perfect for light switch ons, late night Christmas shopping and for lighting up any night time event, Roller Skating Presents are a mesmerising and festive duet of lights, magic and gliding glamour.

  • "The customers couldn't get enough of the whole experience!"
    Anne - Corporate Client
  • "The costumes were really impressive."
    Ross - Private Client
  • "Thank you so much. You guys were brilliant."
    Melissa - Corporate Client
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