Queen Tribute
Tribute Band

Formed in 1993, Killer Queen is Europe’s top Queen tribute act. Following their first public show at London University, their popularity grew to such an extent that they secured a residency in London’s Strand Theatre attracting nationwide BBC coverage. Since then Killer Queen have toured Europe, Russia and America.

Queen’s songs have inspired generations and Killer Queen are able to recreate these with a great deal of skill.


  • "Killer Queen are uncannily accurate. Freddie/Patrick strutted for all the world as if it were Live Aid"
    Kate Lock - BBC
  • "Concerts as near to the real thing as you're likely to get. Freddie Lives! A Pop Legend Is back"
    The People
  • "The performance was scarily real. The crowd roared, and danced as though it was a requirement for entry. Brilliant."
    The Scotsman