Poets for Hire
Spontaneous Poets

Our amazing poets compose instant, bespoke verse on typewriters at parties, literary festivals and private events.

A relatively new form of art and entertainment based on the spontaneous composition methods of the Surrealists and Beats, the poet for hire is both performer and composer at the same time. Highly skilled in spinning language and meaning based on brief interactions, our founders and their adepts create portraits of their audience with words.

Based in London, they appear at events all over the world that open the imagination and stay in the memory. Some of the literary miniatures inspired by their encounters appear in anthologies and magazines. Many of poems are loved only by a small group, whilst others are given as gifts or contain messages of personal inspiration.


  • "Amazing work and thanks for my absolutely unique poem!"
    Karla - Private Client
  • "Poet for Hire is an extremely entertaining concept."
    Leigh - Private Client
  • "Really love the idea of what you're doing."
    Fabienne - Private Client
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Judge the Poet
Spontaneous Poet
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Mix and Mingle
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Fun Clairvoyant
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Silhouette Cutter
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