On The Line
Jazz Ensemble

On The Line can provide an incredible entertainment package for any event, whether it be a party, wedding or corporate function.

All members of the band are highly experienced performers and have a vast repertoire of music.

Previous appearances for On The Line have included: The Landmark Hotel, Ealing Jazz Festival, The Savoy Hotel and Palm Island Dubai.

They are also specialists at 1920s/Gatsby themed events, with a period-specific repertoire and presentation to match.

Performance Options
  • Starting out as a quartet (female vocals, piano, double bass and drums)
  • Up to a 7-piece including all above with added trumpet, trombone & saxophone.
Performance Time
  • 2 x 45 minutes set
  • 2 x 60 minutes set
  • "A fantastic band to work with, providing a very professional set with a wonderful sound."
    Oxford University
  • "A little piece of heaven for our ears! We can't wait to have you back again!"
    Jessica - Private Client
  • "So many of our guests were amazed that we had such a good band play at a Christmas party!"
    Silverglade Associates
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