Nouveau Lounge
Vintage Band

Nouveau Lounge are an international, Modern Vintage band from London. Inspired by the U.S. group Postmodern Jukebox, Nouveau Lounge hit the UK in late 2016 with their own unique arrangements of modern Pop songs played in a Vintage style. You can dance to your favourite hits: from a 1920s Charleston ‘Put Your Records On’, to Latin inspired ‘Havana’, a Motown version of ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ and a Swing ‘Wannabe’.

Fronted by vocalists Amanda and/or Hayley, who captivate their audiences with their engaging and energetic performances, Nouveau Lounge are the perfect choice for black tie events, festivals, vintage themed parties and weddings!

  • "They were superb."
    Dominic - Corporate Client
  • "Nouveau Lounge looked and sounded brilliant!"
    Vicky - Private Client
  • "I couldn't recommend them enough."
    Eliza - Private Client
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