Natasha and Louise
Circus Entertainers

Renowned worldwide in the global events arena, Natasha and Louise are two of the biggest names in circus entrainment. They can supply a variety of acts, including aerial hoop, aerial silks, contortion, acro-balance and rhythmic gymnastics.

Providing exceptional entertainment for every occasion, Natasha and Louise are available to perform at private parities, corporate events, product launches, fashions shows, outdoor events and festivals.

Their work has taken them internationally to countries including Pakistan, China, Thailand, Turkey, Dubai, Germany, Spain, Kuwait, Hong Kong and France, and their previous clients include Vodafone, Mont Blanc, HSBC, Adidas, Take That and many more.

  • "Wow, absolutely amazing."
    Will Young
  • "That was great girls."
    Jonathan Ross
  • "Too much talent to say in one breath."
    Donna Air
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