Psychic and Tarot Reader

Natalia is a psychic and tarot card reader who’s detailed tarot reading sessions are the perfect experience for corporate events and weddings.

Her 15 minute psychic reading sessions will leave you amazed, as Natalia guides you through a journey of spiritual discovery. These 15 minute sessions are a great addition to fast paced events.

She also offers longer 45 minute sets in which she delves into elements of your own psychology, exploring topics such as love, finance, career and obstacles.

Natalia is available for both bookings throughout the UK and abroad.



  • 'Natalia's oracle reading was spot on. I felt so relaxed and at ease in her presence. I will most definitely be booking Natatila again.'
    Dee - Private Client
  • 'Natalia was very professional and her reading was very accurate. I would definitely recommend Natalia.'
    Maciej - Private Client
  • 'Natalia explains the meaning of the cards beautifully. I would certainly book her again!'
    Dom - Private Client
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Tarot Card Reader
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Fun Clairvoyant
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Fun Clairvoyant