Murder Mystery
Interactive Theatre

We offer you an interactive theatre experience that is suitable for all types of events, be that corporate entertainment or private parties.

The performances are entertaining and hilarious, and can work in any location and for any number of guests.

Usually unfolding over dinner, your guests will be the key witnesses to a brutal murder and must attempt to discover the guilty party. Throughout the evening, guests will have the chance to interview and interact with each of the suspects individually to help them form their conclusions.

Using top West End actors and a brilliant script, we offer an entire evening’s entertainment that is perfectly suited to any event.

Once all the suspects have been interrogated, your guests can offer their solutions. They must name the killer and explain his or her motive. Once all these theories have been presented, we approach the moment of truth as our investigator reveals the real killer and the motive.

Expect a dramatic confession and an attempt to flee the scene before the murderer is apprehended. Order is restored, a winning team is announced and prizes are awarded.

  • "Thanks guys for the stunning performance at our event - it set the tone with a humorous and a very entertaining evening had by all."
    Director -
  • "The evening was an enormous success, due to the professionalism, courtesy, flexibility and pure talent of the performers."
    Matilda - Private Client
  • "They were totally brilliant from start to finish."
    Sarah - Private Client
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Magician / Comedy Magician
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