DJ Murat is arguably our most experienced DJ, playing for over 25 years at a range of corporate, club and private events.

One of London’s most in-demand private event DJs, his clients in 2022 included: Sky, NBC, BCG, Bvlgari, BNP Paribas and more.

Murat has also played a plethora of other clubs and venues throughout London and across Europe, as well as private parties and festivals.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a private party, wedding or any other celebration, DJ Murat’s services will ensure that you and your guests have an amazing time.

  • 'Please extend our thanks to Murat for making our wedding such a special event.'
    Michael - Groom
  • 'I would like to thank Murat, who did a brilliant job on the day and we were exceptionally pleased to have him as our DJ - as were all our guests.'
    Sarah - Corporate Client
  • 'Murat was very professional, and a really nice person who got on famously with everyone.'
    James - Private Client
  • 'Murat DJ'd our party on Saturday night. I had asked for upbeat music to get people dancing and boy did he hit the brief! His music was spot on and everybody was on the floor having a super great time. He took requests and kept everyone happy and dancing for hours. I can not thank him enough.'
    Alex and David - Couple
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