Mist Orbs
Edible Mist

Mist Orbs offer something you have never experienced before!

They emit edible mist that can be sucked through a straw and be flavoured with pretty much any taste you can imagine!

The orbs are perfect for zero calorie desserts, conference stand activation, brand flavour sampling, drinks receptions, parties or simply just for loading up on a ton of guilt free chocolate!

The edible mist comes in over 200 flavours, from rum to chocolate pudding and basil to banana milkshake: we have it all!

  • “What an amazing idea, we loved all the flavours!”
    Fran - Private Client
  • “We will definitely be booking the orbs again for our next event.”
    Chrissy - Corporate Client
  • “It’s great to have something so different.”
    Matilda - Private Client
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