Face and Body Painting

Millie is a talented professional face and body painter who specialises in bespoke designs for festivals, private parties and corporate events alike.

Having trained at The University of Bristol as a performer, Millie brings a unique artistic vision to her work.

As well as classic face and body designs, Millie also provides intricately detailed ‘Living Art’. With eye-catching body painted models, Millie’s bespoke design can match any backdrop, theme or wall design.

These performers can be painted pre-event, or as a live performance throughout your evening.

Equally at home with children’s parties, private functions, and high-energy club nights, Millie has the skills to transform your event into a colourful world of artistic wonder.

  • 'Millie's Living Art was a fantastic addition to our reception.'
    Josh - Corporate Client
  • 'Millie was incredibly friendly, and a brilliant artist too. I would definitely book her again!'
    Cosima - Festival Organiser
  • 'Millie truly brought my birthday party to life. Her attitude and artwork were sublime!'
    Kelvin - Private Client
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Living Art
Living Art
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The Living Topiary
Living Topiary
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The Living Statues
Human Statues
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Bespoke Face and Body Painters
Face and Body Painters
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