Real Live Mermaids

We will help you transport your guests into a mystical fantasy world with our real live mermaids.

Our mermaids all have stunning tails of individually sewn scales and can perform on land, in the sea, aquaria or in giant Martini glasses. 

Our mermaids have performed internationally, and have featured in newspapers, radio and TV. 

  • "Thank you so much for coming and performing in our mermaid's grotto for our company party."
    The Lucie Blackman Trust
  • "Thank you for an amazing performance and giving us a night we'll remember forever."
    Jenny - Event Organiser
  • "Our guests were absolutely spell bound by your performance."
    Lorna - Corporate Client
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Arctic Mermaid
Winter Mermaid
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Water Bowl
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Aerial Hoop
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The Birdcage
Aerial Performance
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