Born into a highly illustrious family of musicians, Mehboob is the grandson of a legendary sitarist.

Mehboob was initiated into the art of music from a very young age. From there he began his sitar training from his uncle. He is now under the guidance of world renowned sitar maestro Pandit Arvind Parikh.

He is a widely-respected sitar player who is acknowledged as one of the most accomplished of the present generation of the Vilayatkhani Gharana and is known to be one of the best sitar players in the UK.

His performances are truly unique and inspiring, and have enthralled audiences in India and abroad. He is regularly called to perform throughout India, Africa, Europe and the UK.

  • "In all aspects of his sitar recitals, his depth of knowledge and authenticity of expression is flawless."
    Pandit Arvind Parikh
  • "Mehboob Nadeem played throughout with amazing virtuosity and intensity."
    Blues in London
  • "An amazing performance from Mehboob."
    Frankie - Private Client
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