Jazz Vocalist

Marianne is a prominent new voice in the Scottish Jazz Scene. Highly acclaimed ‘Best Vocalist’ at the Scottish Jazz Awards 2023, Marianne continues to gain recognition for her powerful voice, improvising and original songs.

She has a huge body of material released and already has some touring and international performances under her belt. Highly acclaimed in the UK, Marianne was chosen to represent UK Jazz as a  guest of the British Embassy in Havana, Cuba where she performed to a  sell-out audience.

Taking inspiration from her great jazz influencers, Marianne has a tone comparable to the likes of Amy Winehouse or Sarah Vaughan, an Ella-like freedom towards improvisation and captures phrasing and emotion with the  power of Billie Holiday.

Performing in several combinations of musical groups, from duo to full six piece band – the singer works alongside some of Scotland’s most in-demand jazz musicians.

  • 'Excellent performer! My guests were full of praise. Marianne was highly professional and performed exactly as requested.'
    Ross - Private Client
  • 'Absolutely sensational! Marianne and her trio were stunning and brought such a wonderful vibe to our pre-wedding jazz party.'
    Natasha - Wedding Client
  • 'I would happily recommend Marianne, and hope to ask her along to other parties in the future.'
    Stuart - Private Client
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