Mariachi Las Adelitas
All Female Mariachi Ensemble

Mariachi Las Adelitas is made up of female performers hailing from all corners of Latin America. Each member of the group is extremely talented and experienced in their field. The band are officially a 6-piece, but can they expand to a 10-piece or play in smaller groups when required.

They are available to play serenades as per the Mexican tradition, as well as weddings, birthdays and absolutely any kind of celebration. Of course, all the Mariachi classics are included in their repertoire, alongside a selection of well known songs in the Mariachi style, a great twist which your guests will love.

If you want an exceptionally talented Mariachi band, who are guaranteed to make your event extra special, choose Mariachi Las Adelitas.

  • "Mariachi Las Adelitas made the night for a lot of the guests!"
    Natalia - Event Manager
  • "It was so great to see a Mariachi band at the event!"
    Elliot - Private Client
  • "So many of the guests mentioned how great the band were and for their details!"
    Tina - Event Manager
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Mariachi Band
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