Manouche A Trois
Swing / Jazz Band

Manouche A Trois is a London-based swing group formed by two guitarists called Charlie and a double bassist called Charles (yes, really!).

Inspired by the great Django Reinhardt, the trio combines traditional gypsy swing with flavours of jazz and soul to create a sound that will get your feet tapping. Perfect for weddings and parties of all varieties, Manouche A Trois will be sure to add a touch of class and upbeat fun to your event.

As well as performing as a trio, the two Charlies perform as a guitar duo suited to more intimate events and smaller venues.

  • “Manouche A Trois played at my firm’s Christmas party and they were a great hit. They struck just the right jaunty vibe to help get the party going and received lots of admiring comments from the guests.”
    Jeremy - Private Client
  • “Their music was perfectly suited to a fun and lively atmosphere and they were great with all the customers. All three of them were friendly and easy to work with”
    Sylvia - Private Client
  • “They really did steal the show at our 21st birthday party…but we weren’t mad about it! We have been and will continue to rave about the trio and their performance to friends, family and strangers.”
    Lola - Private Client
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