Gypsy Jazz Band

Are you getting married this year or celebrating a special birthday or anniversary?

Maybe you require a fantastic band for a corporate event or product launch? 

Whatever the occasion, Magnifique is available as a duo, trio, quartet or quintet and is the perfect musical accompaniment.

Whether you are looking for up tempo dancing music or relaxed background music or something in between, their Gypsy Jazz band offers a mix of Gypsy Swing, Latin tunes and Jazz Standards, the ideal complement to any event.

  • "You guys are good… really good!"
    Sir Paul McCartney
  • "Such a good feeling throughout your sets!"
    Lady Victoria Conran - Private Party
  • "A really great band. So many compliments from our guests."
    Miranda and Adam - Private Client
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Gypsy Duo
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Los Amigos
Latin Band
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Latin Jazz Ensemble
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Son Cubano
Cuban Band
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