Fire Performer

With 15 years of experience performing at some of the largest events in the world, Luke’s fire show has been acknowledged as a world class act.

His solo fire routine showcases 12 minutes of spectacular skill using a variety of equipment that builds gradually in intensity. Lycopodium powder is used during the performance to provide an extra visual effect, and an additional, pyrotechnic finish can be requested providing the event space is suitable.

With his unique skill set and choreography, Luke brings a level of energy and excitement that matches if not surpasses most group performances. He is perfect for corporate events, weddings and festivals that require a specialist performance to add a true spectacle to the night.

In 2017 Luke performed his fire act on the theatre field in the heart of Glastonbury.  In 2018 Luke was handpicked for a celebrity gala event in the Maldives, where he performed for Sienna Miller, Cara Delevingne, Gareth Southgate and Noel Gallagher.

A minimum performance space of 2m x 2m is required, with an additional 2m between this space and the crowd.

  • "We are so happy we ended up booking Luke, he was fantastic."
    Francesca - Corporate Client
  • "The eye catching performance was the talk of the event!"
    Teddy - Private Client
  • "An extremely professional performer, with real talent!"
    Jill - Corporate Client
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Fire Show
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