Cyr Wheel
With astounding balance and control, Luke’s highly skilled cyr wheel act is internationally recognised for its unique style and musicality.  Using immense strength fused with dance and acrobatics, his choreographed routines guarantee to add a spectacle to any event.

This is a very popular act that has been performed at many events throughout the UK and is perfect for weddings, corporate events and festivals looking for that extra wow factor.  In 2018 Luke was handpicked to appear at a celebrity gala event in the Maldives, where he performed for Sienna Miller, Cara Delevingne, Gareth Southgate & Noel Gallagher.

Bespoke shows can be created for events with themes, where you can request specific costumes and music to be performed to. This act requires a minimum space of 5m x 5m and can only be performed either on a dance floor, stage or a smooth flat surface.  Outdoor performances areas on paved concrete are also suitable providing the area is dry and smooth.

  • "Luke is such a professional performer, I will definitely be booking him again."
    Debra - Corporate Client
  • "I couldn't recommend him enough - he was the talk of the event."
    Frederick - Corporate Client
  • "What an incredible performer Luke is!"
    Shane - Private Client
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