Live Artist

As a live event artist, Lucy speed paints unique pictures of guests during corporate events, weddings and celebrations. It takes just 10 minutes to paint one person, and the artwork is handed out on the night and presented in a customised picture mount.

Using a fast and fluid style developed over two decades of working as an artist and designer – creating artworks for the likes of Royal Ascot, Bentley and Ralph Lauren – Lucy captures personality, style and spirit with her work.

In a digital world where everything is virtual and manipulated, there is something profound about recording your event with a unique, hand painted piece of art. Not only will it create an exciting talking point on the night (and on social media for days to come) – your guests will take home a unique and personal memento to be treasured forever.

  • "Lucy broke the ice, had my guests enchanted in minutes and continued to paint with a crowd throughout the day."
    Nick - Private Client
  • "Possibly one of the best things I've ever received. Thank you!"
    Susanna - Private Client
  • "Thank you so much for being part of the event. We loved having you and absolutely love your work!"
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