String Ensemble

LSP can provide you with the very finest musicians from the stage and studio.

The group’s excellent musicianship, alongside their versatility, is enhanced by the fact the performers work together on a daily basis – meaning you can have the greatest confidence the group will sound great, adapt to your event and, crucially, that they are easy to work with.

The members of LSP have worked alongside a wide variety of musicians including Jamie Cullum, Leona Lewis, Paloma Faith, Lana Del Ray, One Direction and Muse.

  • "Their work was fabulous and enjoyed by everyone."
    Eleanor - Digby Morgan
  • "They are hugely talented, friendly, nice guys who I would love to have the opportunity to invite along to an event again in the future."
    Rita - Event Manager
  • "Wow they were fantastic and what a great day had by all. Many thanks.”
    Paul - Private Client
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String Trio
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Violin Duo
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Electric String Quartet
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The Cellis
All Cello String Quartet
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