Los Amigos
Latin Band

Los Amigos are a unique Spanish and Latin party band based in London, available for weddings, parties, celebrations, corporate entertainment and private events.

They play a repertoire of Spanish and Latin American music: Spanish rumba, Cuban son and danceable Latin hits to make sure your feet are moving. Imagine the Buena Vista Social Club meets the Gipsy Kings – and they go have a mojito together!

Los Amigos are available as a duo, trio or 4-piece band. This is a unique act that will be the icing on the cake for any event.

  • "Thanks for a really terrific evening of dancing and music heaven!"
    Jane - Private Party
  • "Everyone was just blown away by the music and saying how amazing you were."
    Lisa - Private Party
  • "We can’t wait for another excuse for a party just to have you playing again."
    Emma and Lee - Private Party
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