Living Art
A truly bespoke piece of art

This is a truly bespoke experience for any event. Creating exquisite moving artwork, our team produces an act like no other, providing an excellent talking point and a beautiful photo opportunity for guests.

We can incorporate specific colours and themes and even company names and logos, as this fabulous art moves around you. Our dancers can also blend into any wall – popping out from wallpaper, tiles or even blending into curtains.

We can create a bespoke look to suit any theme. Our award winning artists will really add the wow factor!

  • Jess - Private Client
    'We were amazed!'
  • Wesley - Private Client
    'A truly bespoke experience'.
  • Sam
    'Beautiful and mesmerising'.
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Cirque Performers
Circus and Dance
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Calligraphy Workshop
Learn this relaxing skill
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Sparkling Characters
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