Lady Ship
DJ and Band

Upgrade your event with the fun, energetic collective Lady Ship! With a DJ and live band, you’ll have the dance floor jumping whilst flawless musicians wow the crowd with their performance. It is sure to be a party you won’t forget.

Lady Ship is an aggregate of young, yet experienced, female musicians. Their fresh repertoire of modern and old school party classics will cater to the taste of all your guests while keeping the energy alive!

Our singers, percussionist and guitarist will play among the audience, enticing them to engage with the performance like never before.

Check out the promotional video – you won’t be disappointed.

  • "A female powerhouse! Loved them!"
    Anna - Private Client
  • "Lady Ship where friendly, fun and professional. 100% recommend!"
    Ed - Corporate Client
  • "Why have just a DJ when you can have Lady Ship. Excellent performance!"
    Hannah - Private Client
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