Joel & Daisy
Jazz Duo

Joel and Daisy met in Birmingham while studying jazz in 2017, and have worked together on each other’s projects ever since. Now based in London, they develop their unique sound on the diverse music scene in the capital, giving memorable performances for anyone who gets the chance to see them.

Their particular style see them produce heart-warming interpretations of jazz ballads, lively upbeat swing, and relaxing versions of modern classics.

Joel and Daisy perform a large variety of tunes, and will tailor their setlist with your event in mind.

  • 'Joel and Daisy made our event so special!'
    Benjamin - Private Client
  • 'This amazing duo were the perfect fit for our drinks reception.'
    Rebecca - Corporate Client
  • 'I couldn't have imagined a more unique sound to walk down the aisle to.'
    Augusta - Wedding Client
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