Iris Art
Close Up Eye Photography

Iris Art takes a photo of your eye and turns it into a stunning piece of art. For guests, it is a thrilling and memorable experience, and they leave with an irreplaceable, personalised souvenir which they’ll treasure and share.

‘Unique’ is an overused word, but we think it applies – Iris Art are the only photographers of their kind in the world. They came up with the idea of creating iris portraits at live events, then invented and patented the technology to do it. It is highly versatile, to suit all kinds of sectors and themes.

At events, Iris Art are consistently the most popular attraction, and their stand buzzes with people comparing each other’s eyes while they wait for their turn to be photographed or to collect their prints. The images also generate a huge amount of chatter as visitors share their iris portraits with friends on social media.

All images can be branded for maximum offline and online exposure during and after an event.

Iris Art is great for conferences, trade shows, parties, networking events, press launches and awards ceremonies.

How It Works

A crew of professional photographers will set up a stand which guests can visit, or the photographers can roam.

It takes about a minute to photograph each guest, after which they’ll get a preview in-camera of their eye along with an explanation of its interesting features and what makes it unique.

Another crew member will then edit the image, and shortly after guests can come back to collect a professional quality print.

The standard package involves two crew (one shooting and one editing), but for larger events it’s recommend adding crew so that they can process more guests.

Optional Services


All the eye images from an event can be used to create a stunning piece of bespoke large-format art, depicting, for example, a shape or logo.

Data Capture:

A tablet collects data from everybody photographed and shares it with you, the host, including contact details, survey questions and GDPR consent.


Discover your celebrity eye match, identify your eye to win a prize or watch your and your fellow guests’ eyes being projected onto the wall and guess what word they’ll spell out.

  • "As an event organiser, it is such a joy to find something genuinely novel. Guests get a real kick out of it and it makes the event memorable!”
  • "By far the most popular stand at the event. There were queues of people comparing eyes and bringing their friends over to be photographed."
    Venues + Events Live
  • "Truly unique and memorable act."
    Visit Britain
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