Iris Art
Close Up Eye Photography

Do you ever look closely into your own eyes? If you haven’t before you will after this unique experience. A galaxy of patterns and colour awaits!

Each iris is completely unique, even identical twins’ differ. Developed in the womb the iris is one of the few body parts that will remain the same throughout your life.

Iris Art uses patented technology to capture ultra-high resolution images of your eyes. They start by photographing the eye with specialist cameras then use image editing software to isolate the iris and enhance details and finally they produce a perfect quality print for you to take.

  • "It’s so refreshing to have something new and relevant at an eyewear event."
    Tina Bury - Specsavers
  • "I've always thought I had such boring brown eyes!"
    Gok Wan - TV Presenter
  • "It seams no-one has just brown eyes or blue eyes. Everyones iris is made up of intricate shapes and hues, flecks of gold and green, even freckles!"
    Kyle - Private Client
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