Interactive Werewolf Game
Interactive Game

Introducing the multi-award nominated interactive comedy game experience that brings teams a memorable night of hilarious fun. It’s a bluffing game that gets people chatting, laughing and feeling connected, and it’s perfect for end-of-year socials and remote team building.

Comedian and host Jon has been running Werewolf games for many years. He is also a regular on popular board game YouTube channel No Rolls Barred and has extensive experience as a facilitator and host in work settings, with past clients including Google, Erlang Solutions, Adyen, Clinton Health Access Initiative and BandLab Technologies booking Werewolf games to bond groups and stimulate teamwork through play.

In addition to playing the game in an interactive format with your guests or colleagues, Jon can host the game in a panel show style performance with a range of famous comedians! The perfect after dinner entertainment to wow your guests, past comedians include Iain Stirling, Nish Kumar, Rose Matafeo, Adam Hills, Tom Rosenthal and many more.

  • "Jon, the team loved the game yesterday, thanks so much! It was great"
    Wrik - Private Client
  • "It was amazing. It was great fun and the guys loved it. Thanks again!"
    Paul - Private Client
  • “Social interaction games like Werewolf help to bring groups together very quickly… It was one of the highlights of our event.”
    Matthias - Private Client
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