Ice Creations
Ice Carvings and Ice Bars

Ice creations, ice sculptures or ice bars are the ultimate statement at any event. Whether it be a wedding, corporate event, film premier or festival, an ice creation will attract attention and provide a memorable focal point as well as being a huge talking point.

Our custom-made, fully functional ice bars range from 2m to 20m and are the ultimate way to let your guests and your drinks chill out for the night! Our ice structures can act either as an exceptional branding solution or a novel way to enhance a theme to create the ultimate party statement.

From design, transportation, set-up, lighting and safe removal, all elements are taken care of by our expert team.

  • "Thank you for Friday night. The ice bar looked incredible and went down very well with my client."
    Christina - Event Organiser
  • "It was breathtaking!"
    Valentina - Wedding Client
  • "The ice sculpture you created for our event was just amazing. Thank you so much."
    Peter - Private Client
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