Hot Club de Mer
Gypsy Swing Band

Influenced by jazz legends such as Django Reinhardt and Ella Fitzgerald, Hot Club de Mer brings the sound of 1930s Paris alive.

Their repertoire is fuelled by lightning-fast guitar riffs, dynamic rhythms, captivating vocals, and a shared passion for the songbooks of the 1920s and 30s.

Hot Club de Mer have an impressive list of clients including Pagani Hypercars, Henley Festival, and Shrewsbury Django Fest, and recently played a sold-out show at the legendary jazz club Ronnie Scott’s.

  • 'We had Hot Club de Mer performing during an informal but very important dinner with prestigious guests. All the members are very talented as well as extremely kind and friendly.'
    Arianna - Pagani Hypercars
  • 'Hot Club de Mer played in the garden for our Brighton event. They created a great atmosphere for everyone that attended and we got a lot of positive feedback on the day. They sounded great and had a nice mix of music.'
    Barney - Brighton Craft Fair
  • 'Hot Club de Mer were simply brilliant. They played at my birthday event and were perfect. All my friends commented on how fantastic they were and how great the ambience was. Their musical ability is excellent with a great range of songs. They were also great to deal with.'
    Marie-Sophie - Private Client
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