LED Hula Hooper

A world class, award-winning artist, Helen has performed all over the world, dazzling high end, celebrity studded audiences with her highly technical, mind-blowing act.

Helen has performed at venues such as The Royal Albert, The Shard, The Savoy and Claridge’s.

She is able to tailor her acts into a one of kind bespoke performance, and can also be hired as a walk-about performer to add that extra sparkle to your event.

  • "Helen is a joy to work with. She is sensitive, creative and a true team player."
    Claire - Corporate Client
  • "I can't pun into words quite how amazing it was!"
    Dan - Private Client
  • "Without a doubt the hit of the night!"
    Fran - Private Client
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The Hula-Hoops
Hula Hoop Performers
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Pippa The Ripper
Hula Hoop Performer
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Foot Juggler
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LED Circus Act
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