Hattie’s Band
Acoustic Trio

Hattie and her band provide a polished and exciting repertoire eclectic in decades and styles.

From Motown classics and Jazz Standards to contemporary Pop and Folk songs, their set guarantees to quench the musical thirst of the most varied of audiences.

With their own unique acoustic delivery of these sets, the band consists of musicians with over thirty years of experience between them, regular performers at events, festivals and concerts all over the world.

The line up of the band can be tailored to the needs of the client, from solo guitar and vocals to a quartet of three vocals, two guitars, double bass and drums.

  • "All of our guests and ourselves were blown away by your talent."
    Anna - Private Client
  • "You were honestly amazing – please do keep in touch, we would love to see you back!”
    Tom - Private Client
  • "The music was pure perfection thanks to Hattie and we cannot recommend her highly enough.”
    Amy - Private Client
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Hattie W
Singer Guitarist
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Mac and Nat
Acoustic Duo
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