Interactive Walkabout Act

The Harlequins are strange and terrifying creatures, using psychology to both frighten and entertain guests. Mysterious and scary, these creatures twist and twine around each other and move in bizarre, inhuman ways.

This sinuous knot of limbs combined with the intricately patterned catsuits makes it hard to see where one Harlequin ends and the next begins. Their costumes are expertly designed and hand-painted with an intricate maze of geometric patterns, specially designed to confuse the eye and break up the human silhouette. Many guests do not believe that there are even humans in the costumes – they are so convincing!

The Harlequins are a walkabout act, focusing on guest interaction, psychology and body language, with additional elements of acrobalance and contortion added to the mix. The Harlequins are experienced, professional performers, multi-skilled and able to continuously adapt the act based on guests’ reactions to create the perfect, dark atmosphere.

  • "Absolutely brilliant! "
    Ruby - Event Planner
  • “Just wanted to say a huge thank you for making our event such a great success."
    Paula - Event Planner
  • "All members of the team were extremely friendly and easy to work with on all levels."
    Cambridge University Festival of Ideas
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