Party Illustrator

Hannah is an exciting party illustrator from North London. Her Quentin Blake-esque work has appeared multiple times in The New Yorker, The Guardian, for Hermès and a variety of other magazines.

Offering something different from the usual event caricaturist, her work is truly bespoke to a client’s needs. With a playful style stemming from a unique artistic background, she sits apart from most of today’s illustration and editorial industry.

Hannah is no stranger to working events, having illustrated at weddings, balls and corporate fundraisers for several years now.


  • 'Hannah was amazing. She was incredibly professional, smiley and warm at the wedding, and she really captured the essence of our guests.'
    Jess - Bride
  • 'Hannah has that rare ability to conjure something out of almost nothing. She can create something surprising, delightful and fun, with wry humour and beautiful attention to detail.'
    Emlyn Firth - Editor, Glug Magazine
  • 'When we saw the final drawings we were so moved (and amused). It felt really special to have such an unusual set of mementos from our wedding day, and all our friends love them too.'
    Grace - Private Client
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