LED Circus Act

If you are looking for an explosive visual stage act for your next event, then why not book Halo?

Halo’s beautiful act consists of super-bright LED hula-hoops, juggling clubs and ‘hyperlight’ illuminating where patterns and textures are drawn in the air by four circus artists. Upon request, they are also able to display customisable words, logos and pictures in the show’s finale, making them the perfect addition to a product launch or corporate event.

Halo has performed throughout the UK and overseas at a number of prestigious events including corporate awards, private parties, fashion shows and on TV.

  • “Brilliant! One of the best acts we have ever had.”
    BBC TV’s The Slammer
  • “Like painting with light – simply beautiful.”
    Curious Cargo, UK
  • "Halo stole the show. Stunning and sophisticated – the talking point of the night!"
    INCA Productions, UK
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