Green Screen Dream Machine
Photo Booth

Our Green Screen Dream Machine is probably the most advanced photo booth in the world.

Our top of the line photo booth allows you to choose from over 1000 print and background combinations.

With the use of the magic of chroma key green screen technology, the Green Screen Dream Machine can superimpose you anywhere you desire!

Our Green Screen Dream Machine Package includes unlimited prints, a prop box, an attendant, digital copies of the images following the event and an optional logo or message on the prints.

Useful Information

– Height: 2.1m
– Width: 1.2m
– Length: 2.4m

Power Required:
– Standard 13amp plug

– Five

– Indoor Only

Surface Required:
– Flat Hard Surface

  • "We Love The Green Screen Dream Machine."
    Corporate Client
  • "Thank you - the photo booth was such a hit!"
    Jo - Private Client
  • "We will definitely be recommending your services."
    Deutsche Bank
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