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Looking for something different at your event? Why not hire our amazing graphologist?

Based on the principle that everyone’s handwriting has its own character due to the uniqueness of the writer, Adam – currently Chairman of the British Institute of Graphologists – asks guests to write the words ‘two magpies’ and their usual signature on a sheet of paper. Then by examining the movement, spacing and form of their handwriting, he is able to attach a psychological interpretation, providing evidence for each point.

Adam has performed handwriting analysis at over 100 corporate events and he is guaranteed to leave your guests talking about his amazing skill for years to come.

  • "I’m still in shock! I still can’t believe how accurate this was!"
    Katie - Private Event
  • "It was as if he’d known me my whole life, unbelievable!"
    Dan- Private Client
  • "Thank you for making our event such a success, everyone at the office is still talking about this."
    Jon - Event Organiser
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