Good Mood Brass
Brass Band

From the parades of Brazil and New Orleans to the loud, proud celebration music of the Balkans and Mexico, brass instruments are the sound of the world’s parties getting started!

Introducing Good Mood Brass. Ideal for creating a jubilant atmosphere at outdoor celebrations, this four piece band roams amongst guests, leads parades, or simply provides a great backdrop of uptempo fun with celebratory music from across the globe.

With almost no set-up time or technical requirements, the band is not tied to one spot. Going with the flow, they will follow or lead the action and energy in real time to bring people together.

The band features musicians with a wealth of experience across pop, jazz, Mariachi, Balkan brass, salsa, Bollywood, oompah and more. They have performed at numerous iconic festivals and venues, including Glastonbury Festival, The Royal Albert Hall, The Roundhouse, Abbey Road Studios and more.


  • 'Good Mood Brass's roaming set was a huge hit! Their interactive performance and engagement with the audience made the evening extra special. Everyone loved the vibrant energy that they brought!'
    Jude - Private Client
  • 'Unforgettable performance!'
    Ralph - Private Client
  • 'Their vibrant performance and talented musicianship created such a fun and positive vibe.'
    Judy - Private Client
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