Gavin Inskip
Presenter and Quizmaster

Gavin is a versatile comedian, presenter, live host and quiz master who is suitable for a wide range of events.

With his infectious personality and endless energy, Gavin is one of the favourite live hosts for the biggest shows on TV. Boasting a reputable credit list including Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Love Island and more, many corporate clients love working with Gavin knowing their event is in safe hands.

With his live broadcasting experience Gavin is able to hold a show together with ease, whilst thinking on his feet and adding humour and personality to any event.

Gavin is famous in the media and entertainment industry as THE celebrity quiz host. He’s the resident quizmaster for private members club Soho House, with these popular events selling out soon after they are announced.

Gavin has thousands of hours of on-air experience voicing for some of the UK’s most prestigious channels including ITV2, Channel 5 and Discovery. This extensive experience makes him unflappable and very trusted voice for award ceremonies and live events.








  • 'Gavin is so brilliantly original and entertaining. The team and clients love him. He is an absolute pleasure to work with - I can't recommend him highly enough!'
    Mary - YMU Group
  • 'If you're looking for something fun to do as a team, you're in safe hands with Gav. The quiz is brilliantly entertaining and Gav is a great host who makes sure you're all laughing along the whole way.'
    Dave - Virgin Media
  • 'Quite simply, when it comes to a quiz host - you won't find anyone better than Gav. Not only in his presenting and how he holds a room with his entertainment and keeping the energy up, but also in the creativity and ideas he puts into his rounds.'
    Zai - Sky TV
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