Gangster Jugglers
Vintage Double Act

The Gangster Jugglers are a roving walkabout vintage double act fit for the modern era. Dressed in fine, tailored suits the duo perform an interactive drive-by comedy in a miniature car. Incorporating juggling, swing dance and double act comedy with a self-contained, feel-good soundtrack, this is perfect family entertainment.

The Gangster Jugglers are suitable for a variety of events from street theatre festivals to vintage car shows; Great Gatsby themed soirées to corporate events.

These guys are expert duo jugglers and have performed together around the world for the last 15 years.

  • "Very clever!"
    Claudia Winkleman
  • "You always make us laugh and manage to get brilliant video clips with the guests!"
    Cathy - Event Organiser
  • "You guys were just brilliant and I was delighted the crowds really enjoyed seeing you."
    Sophie - Event Manager
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