Jazz Age Revival
Jazz Ensemble

Considered one of the UK’s ‘coolest and smoothest Jazz acts’, Jazz Age Revival have gained a stellar reputation for their elegant harmonising vocals and ever-creative reinterpretations of aural classics old and new.

In their seven years of performing together, they have become a trusted act for the UK’s leading venues, corporations, and companies, including The Royal Shakespeare Company, WeWork, and the BBC.

Jazz Age Revival offer a versatile range of performance styles, ranging from elegant cocktail jazz, to Postmodern-Jukebox reinterpretations of floor-filling songs.

Available from a dynamic duo up to a lively sextet, Jazz Age Revival’s slick rhythms will captivate your guests and leave them wanting more.

  • 'They were so easy and friendly to deal with in advance. They were incredible on the day of the wedding! So talented and honestly a bargain for the standard of their performance. We will definitely book them again.'
    Becky - Bride
  • 'Fantastic. They were professional in every way. Above all, they are great musicians who read the room superbly and performed beautifully. Can’t thank them enough. Highly recommend them!'
    Adrian - Private Client
  • 'Exceptionally talented and brilliant!'
    Amanda - Corporate Client
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